Global Leadership and Innovation Project (GLIP)

December 2013, by So-Young Kang

Awaken Group’s Global Leadership and Innovation Project (GLIP) includes annual reports (click here for the latest report), books (such as Inside Out below), and in-depth interviews with global leaders. We also have a quarterly series with fresh content related to leadership and innovation that have included conversations with business leaders from various industries based in China, Singapore, and Korea.

We conduct research throughout the year with leaders (CEOs, C-level executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Board members, Directors, business owners) who participate in our Annual Global Leadership and Innovation Survey (GLIS).


Inside Out is now available in bookstores in Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia:

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*Awaken Group self-published Inside Out to start a new conversation around global leadership and innovation. We will donate all profits from the book to charities. Please support us by getting the book for yourself, family, colleagues, and friends!

Reviews of Inside Out:
“The interviews in Inside Out were very genuine and the discussions went deeper than your normal business interview of highly accomplished individuals. I enjoyed hearing about the personal perspectives of the leaders in the book, and their true values in life-what drives them and what they consider their personal successes. Asia needs to share authentic and innovative leaders like this and Western readers can have access to the thoughts of a unique group of Singaporean leaders due to this book.”Kyung H. Yoon, CEO, Talent Age Associates LLC

“The interviews and insights in this book are absolutely inspiring! Definitely a recommended read!”David Choi, Producer/ Singer/ Songwriter

What is Inside Out about?
Every leader is on a unique journey. Every person has their own story. Too often, people look at leaders and focus on their accomplishments and successes. We are more interested in what they were like before they became leaders. Who are they as a person? What was their journey like for them? What are their passions outside of work?

Inside Out is about what leaders really care about—including what drives them, what their fears are, and what they feel are required for Asia to succeed in the changing global landscape. We look at the more ‘human’ side of leadership, gaining a glimpse into each person’s personal journey.

In the book, 12 business and government leaders, many of whom have made significant contributions to Singapore’s society and beyond, offer insights into the country’s unique voice around global leadership and innovation.

Why did Awaken Group write Inside Out?

We felt that there was a lack in the market for global leadership and innovation books that have an Asian perspective. Inside Out is not about offering solutions and answers, but rather, starting a new conversation around global leadership and innovationas the world rapidly changes.

We feel that it is important to understand many different perspectives, which are often shaped by culture and life experiences, so we will expand our series into other countries.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is our first destination for our Inside Out series. In spite of its small size, Singapore is one of the fastest growing developed economies in the world and continues to yield great influence in its region. It is clear that Singapore is poised to be a very pivotal place for the emergence and development of global leaders.

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