Yellow Book

A client pre-journey guide to
everything Awaken Group


Welcome to Awaken Group's Yellow Book—something our team designed to help you get to know us a bit better before embarking on a transformation journey with us!

In this book you will find answers to:

  1. What is Transformation Design?
  2. Who are we?
  3. What do we do?
  4. Who are our clients?
  5. Why work with us?

01 / What is Transformation Design?

Transformation Design (TD) addresses the kind of problems that are actually symptoms of deeper, more complex issues. You think you have the answer and come up with a quick solution, but then are left with a bunch of other problems you didn’t plan to solve in the first place.

So what is it really? Transformation Design is an emerging field of human-centered design that integrates multiple disciplines to solve complex, systemic challenges in a values-based way towards common vision and goals.

Transformation Design looks at problems through multiple lenses:

4 Lenses of Transformation Design

We challenge ourselves to consider the multifaceted dimensions of a problem by asking questions that probe the rational, the emotional, the spiritual, and the experiential to craft change from the inside out.


We co-create with you to design bespoke, sustainable, and meaningful solutions integrating business strategy, leadership, and design to have maximum impact.

Transformation Design = Integrated leadership + strategy + design

Every project is unique, so we tailor-make every project team and solution just for you to help you achieve your goals.


02 / Who are we?

Awaken Group is a strategic design consultancy.

We live and work by our vision & values, and our T11 Transformation Principles.

We love our clients and believe in building real, genuine relationships through the steps of their transformation journey. We feel joy when we see them grow, evolve, and achieve more than they imagined.

We care a lot about impact. Providers in our industry get excited when they hit 4.0 (out of 5) on client impact or willingness to recommend. For us, hitting 4.5 is the norm. Over 90% of our clients would recommend us—and they do, as half of our projects come from existing clients each year.

Measuring Impact

That's why we are rigorous in how we measure impact for our clients. Ultimately, we want our clients to reach their goals and to be successful—however they define success (financial, organizational, cultural, societal).

Our Client Impact Measurement Report (CIMR) measures our impact on clients after our project ends. We have genuine conversations with senior management about the level of impact and effect our work has had on their organization.

Our Workshop Feedback Scores ensure that every workshop we facilitate is held to our highest level of quality and experience. We design workshop experiences that are engaging, experiential, and transformative. We ask our workshop participants to give us feedback on how we made them feel, what they learned, and how we can improve. We measure impact by facilitator and have high internal standards for being an ‘AG-Certified Facilitator.’


Our vision

We design transformative experiences from the inside out to bring joy and beauty to the world


We transform the inside by...

Diagnosing – exploring your context with a range of techniques to uncover and understand underlying needs

Building Capabilities – equipping your team with global skills and mindsets they need through experiential workshops and coaching

Consulting – giving you professional advice on strategy and growth

Facilitating – guiding difficult conversations for management to make better decisions


We transform the outside through...

Branding – helping design your brand strategy, brand experience, and brand execution (e.g., design, logos, collateral, events, film, etc.)

Designing Experiences – using design thinking capabilities to deliver user-centric solutions for customers, staff, management and partners

Executing – coaching leaders and teams to execute their strategies and plans

Speaking – sharing and inspiring at leadership offsites, workshops, conferences, and events globally


What’s good about AG is their boundless positivity. They challenge you to probe deeper and deeper but always surround you with a belief that you can find a solution.
T. Seah, Manager, Public Utilities Board

What I enjoyed most is that Awaken Group ‘got it’ in terms of what I wanted to achieve and were able to deliver a program around that. Most importantly, the changes/shifts were quite practical in seeing the managers carry on since that meeting in a positive manner embracing the changes in the business.
CEO, Financial Services Firm undergoing Cultural Transformation

Awaken Group brought new perspective to the project and helped the organization to focus on which areas of the customer journey matter, and to prioritize resources to tackle the high impact areas.
S. Siregar, Deputy CEO, Singapore-based Consumer Electronics Market Leader

03 / What do we do?

We work with you to tackle your immediate pressing needs, and set you up to go where you want to go.

We integrate distinctive top tier management consulting strategy, award-winning branding, C-level leadership development, award-winning experience design, and capability building to solve your problems holistically.

We also have a wide network of Creative Collaborative friends who are industry experts in architecture, film, art, technology, and beyond who we can call on to meet your specific needs.

Our Transformation Designers are like...


Just like how a doctor is an expert at understanding your health, diagnosing your symptoms and giving you prescriptions and medication...

We know what make companies work well. We analyze and identify the root cause to give you recommendations to get better.


Our Transformation Designers are like...


Just like how an athletic coach knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team, and guides players toward a common goal...

We develop, challenge, and train your team to reach their best to achieve success collectively.


Our Transformation Designers are like...


Just like how a stylist transforms how you look by first understanding who you are...

We help you design your brand by first understanding your vision and values.


Our Transformation Designers are like...


Just like how a chef is creative and intentional about the ingredients he uses...

We craft each experience with intention and creativity to maximize impact culturally, economically, and emotionally for your stakeholders.


We designed a New Branch Office Experience of the Future with Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB), who beat out 8 other countries to win the International Service Quality & Innovation Award at FutureGov Awards; featured in the Straits Times, Channel News Asia & Business Times. We have been journeying together on multiple projects since 2011.

We helped a leading executive education provider (ranked within the top three executive education providers by Financial Times) create their 2015 & 2020 Vision and Competitive Strategy using a human-centered design approach.

We journeyed alongside Borouge on multiple projects since 2012 and helped them Build Culture through Corporate Transformation.

Experience Design

Integrated Capabilities

+ Creative Collaborative

We have the best set of strategic options on the table that we have had in about five years.
C-level Executive, Top Tier European-based Global Company

Seriously the best training I have attended. Not too many times do you have an environment that is fun and engaging that challenges you at the same time.
Finance Manager, Hyundai Capital

Regarding ROI, we grossed 6x the consulting fee within 4 months!
Project Lead, Sentosa Development Corporation on making of Port of Lost Wonder (leading kids’ attraction in Singapore)

Our executive team enjoyed the leadership off-site. We had fun and learned a lot about our conflict styles to help us better understand each other. The interactive exercises were insightful to draw out what is actually happening within the company and brought it to life. We continue working with Awaken Group because we enjoy working with them.
W. Roels, CEO, Borouge

04 / Who are our clients?

We work with large multi-national companies, governments, and high potential small and medium-sized businesses and startups. Over the past 5 years, we have served clients on 100+ projects in 11 different industries across North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Some of our clients are Pioneers and want to stay ahead of the competition

We know we’re the market leader but others are catching up and we need to stay ahead.
Clothes Don't Fit

Some of our clients feel that their Clothes Don’t Fit anymore and want to revise how they work to keep growing

We seem to have plateaued and don’t know why! We are doing what we’ve always done but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
At the Crossroads

Some of our clients see themselves At the Crossroads, and know that if they don’t change, they are in trouble

There has been a major disruption in our industry. We have to change or else we might not make it!

05 / Why work with us?

  1. We are human, creative, adaptive
  2. We leverage our wealth of experiences & perspectives from across private & public sectors to help our clients achieve their goals—financial, organizational, cultural, and/or societal.
  3. Our clients have a great time working with us

We are Human—values and vision driven, relational

We really care about you and will journey alongside you with genuine love and care

We are Creative—entrepreneurial and innovative

We design innovative solutions to push the boundaries in creating WOW experiences

We are Adaptive—cultural adaptable and change ready

We are global citizens and adapt our solutions to your local context and to be change-ready


We have served clients across 11 industries globally:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Telecom, Media, Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Airline
  • Logistics & Supply Chain

Our clients have a great time working with us!

tell us that we’ve positively impacted them

would recommend AG for future projects


I am planning to use Awaken Group for other future projects and I am very glad to recommend them strongly to you without any reservation.
C-level Executive, top tier european-based global company

It was always a pleasure to work with Awaken Group. From the many projects that we have worked together previously, I have never hesitated to raise my concerns and engage the consultants on a friend-to-friend basis. This form of relationship is important and unique, compared to a formal vendor-customer relationship.
K. Wong, Head of Strategy, Singapore-based Consumer Electronics Market Leader