Signature Programs

Sustainable and Impactful Learning

Research among our clients over many years shows most Learning and Development (L&D) professionals struggle with challenges such as:

  • Relevance: How can you best meet individual and corporate training objectives?
  • Application: How can you embed course learning in everyday application?
  • Ongoing learning: How can you sustain learning impact beyond a workshop?

Awaken Group Signature Programs resolve these challenges

Awaken Group Signature Programsextend traditional learning to create sustainable and impactful learning.


PROVEN PROGRAMS adapted for your specific requirements
PURPOSE-DRIVEN INDIVIDUALS who are motivated to learn
PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS of concepts and frameworks
SUSTAINED LEARNING impact over time


Transform organizations from the ‘inside-out’
  • Business owners
  • HR, Learning & Development and Organizational Development (OD) Practitioners
  • Strategic Planning
  • Develop mindset and capabilities required for transformation and sustainable growth
  • Transformation Design (TD) foundations
  • TD Field Work


Lead self, teams, organizations to align with purpose and vision
  • Leaders across all levels (e.g., hi-potentials, aspiring leaders, first-time managers, senior management, C-Suite)
  • Lead self, teams, and organizations with a purpose-driven, values-based approach
  • Leverage on strengths to enhance performance at all levels
  • Leading Self
  • Leading Another (Transition to be first-time manager)
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Organizations


Strategize, synthesize and communicate critically in a structured, yet human-centered way
  • Strategists
  • Managers
  • Senior Management
  • Sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Communicate your strategies effectively to stakeholders and get buy-in
  • Consulting Bootcamp 101


Be empathetic and creative using our values-based 5-step Design Thinking approach
  • Anyone who is interested in human-centered design and innovation
  • Innovative, holistic problem-solving with Design Thinking methodology
  • Build capabilities to think creatively and develop user-centric, innovative solutions quickly
  • Understanding the present (Dream + Discover)
  • Creating the future (Ideate + Prototype)
  • Catalyzing growth (Synthesise)


Leaders across all levels (e.g., high potentials, aspiring leaders, first-time managers, senior management, C-Suite)
  • Leverage on individual and team strengths to maximize productivity and performance at all levels
  • Turn raw talents into mature strengths using the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ Assessment Tool by Gallup
  • Adopt a values-based approach to guard against the misuse of strengths
  • Form new partnerships within and across teams in your organization for greater synergy
  • Lead others using principles of positive psychology
  • MyStrengths™
  • TeamStrengths™


Be culturally sensitive and adaptable to lead global, culturally diverse teams
  • Anyone working in or leading cross-cultural teams with diverse ethnicities and cultural differences
  • Become more global-ready by becoming a human, creative, adaptive leader
  • Develop cultural sensitivity and adaptability to manage cross-cultural teams impactfully
  • Becoming Global Ready (Global Leadership “X” Factor)
  • Leading in a Global Context (Cultural adaptability)