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            • “Between the Lines”: Anti-corruption law in S. Korea
              • March 10, 2015
            • “Views on the News”: Indonesia’s new female foreign minister; Malaysia current events
              • October 27, 2014
            • “Views on the News”: Indonesia politics
              • October 20, 2014
            • “Views on the News”: Robin Williams, Alibaba and luxury brands, income cap
              • August 12, 2014
            • “Views on the News”: Territorial disputes, drones
              • July 16, 2014
            • “Views on the News”: Whaling season in Japan
              • June 27, 2014,
            • “Views on the News”: World Health Organisation on alcohol-related deaths and diseases, China high-speed train
              • May 13, 2014,
            • “Views on the News”: Cyber security, Media influence on culture
              • April 29, 2014
            • “Views on the News”: Interview with So-Young Kang
              • March 27, 2014
            • “First Look Asia”: Interviews with So-Young Kang
              • February 25, 2014
              • January 30, 2014
              • November 21, 2013
            • “Success Stories: Awaken Group”
              • January 21, 2013

“Culture & Leadership” Series in Korea

Awaken Group’s So-Young Kang and Art Angel’s Hwa-Young Yoo (an Awaken Group Creative Collaborative partner) have teamed up to contribute weekly articles around global leadership and creativity to Wow TV, a media company based in Seoul, Korea.  For all articles, please visit Wow TV’s website: note: all articles are written in Korean.)

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