The Power of the Feminine

Financial Women’s Association (FWA): Singapore
August 30, 2016
Speaker: So-Young Kang
Photo 30-8-16, 6 15 46 PM

So-Young was invited by the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) Singapore to talk about “The Power of the Feminine” where she shared her own experience as a woman in the corporate world. ~100 guests attended and the participants were given the opportunity to share their own individual experiences of what being feminine means and their expression of themselves.

Photo 30-8-16, 3 23 50 PM
“It took me years to give myself permission to be myself.” –So-Young Kang

So-Young shared her own personal journey of living her whole authentic self, and encouraged women to be true to themselves from the inside out. She shared the importance of mindset and communication, including body language such as power poses, and how perception is often created by our mindsets.

Photo 30-8-16, 6 15 44 PM