SMRT Customer Experience Innovation (CXI)

SMRT Customer Experience Innovation Conference: Singapore
January 21, 2016
Speaker: So-Young Kang

So-Young Kang was Theme Weaver (host) at SMRT Corporation’s first Customer Experience Innovation conference in January 2016 that brought together thought leaders from various industries to share new ways to increase customer engagement. SMRT is the leading multi-modal public transport operator in Singapore.

So-Young Kang, Theme Weaver (host)

Service excellence is one of SMRT’s six core values, with quality customer experience being a critical aspect. ~500 SMRT management and employees attended the conference, with SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek who opened the day.

Photo 21-1-16, 1 20 12 PM
SMRT Customer Experience Innovation Conference

As millions of people in Singapore experience SMRT during their daily commutes (1 billion passengers in 2015 alone), it was inspiring to see this organization care so much about serving customers well.

So-Young moderating a panel discussion with other experts and thought leaders
Speakers, experts, thought leaders with SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek