Transformation Design for Sustainable Solutions

Design Thinking 3.0 (Transformation Design): Columbia University
February 1, 2017
Speaker: So-Young Kang

So-Young shared about Transformation Design, an innovative approach to address complex, systemic challenges, by integrating multiple disciplines, through value-based approach. Transformation Design sits at the intersection of Strategy, Leadership, and Design. A non-linear 3 step process of raising consciousness, guiding through change and unleashing creativity can be followed to develop a transformative experience.

She then shared about how Design Thinking has evolved from Product Design at the individual level, to Experience Design at organization level to Transformation Design at organization and national level. For holistic transformation, an organization needs have a purpose at its core, with a story to back it up, leadership organizing the change, capabilities to implement it, and an environment to support and enable it.

So-Young later shared case studies of her experiences of implementing transformation design in public sector organizations in Singapore. She then held a Q&A session answering students’ queries about the importance of values in business in general and consulting in particular.