I-Shaped Designers

LASALLE College of the Arts: Singapore
September 7, 2016
Speaker: So-Young Kang

LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore invited So-Young to speak to students and address the following questions:

• What is the role of the future designer?
• What opportunities and challenges are in store for the future designer?
• What characteristics should the future designer possess?

So-Young shared our concept of the “I-shaped” designer with the ~200 students who were in their final year in the BA programmes from the School of Fashion, School of Design Communication, and School of Spatial and Product Design at LASALLE.

She spoke of the need for designers to better understand deep human needs and human experiences, which are rooted in empathy. So-Young shared what it means to create human, values-based design, encouraging students to expand their understanding of what design means:


“Design is not simply about making things look nice – it’s about changing culture and mindsets.” – So-Young Kang

For their path to becoming an I-shaped designers, So-Young encouraged the students to:
1) Invest in themselves – what kind of designer do they want to be? What do they value?
2) Pick a ‘spike’ or area of expertise and excellence they want to develop and be known for
3) Embrace curiosity and gain broad experiences across work and life.


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