Driving Business Advantage with Digital Transformation

IT Management Conclave 2017: SP Jain School of Management
February 15, 2017
Speaker: So-Young Kang (Facilitator and Moderator)
AG_SP Jain

So-Young moderated a panel which examined digital transformation from the lens of business issues, adoption challenges and opportunities in 2017. Panel members included:

  • Mr Altona Widjaja, Vice-President Fintech and Innovation Group, The Open Vault, OCBC Bank Singapore
  • Dr CJ Meadows, Director, Innovation & Insights Centre, S P Jain Singapore
  • Mr Mark Lim, Director, Government Digital Services, GovTech, Singapore Government
  • Mr Rod Strother, Vice President, Digital Transformation, StarHub Singapore
  • Mr Rana Banerji, General Manager, Tridant Asia

Select quotes from the panel discussion:

“Yes, “Leading digital transformation” is wrapped around digital, which provides new economics and opportunities, but it’s the leadership and people’s transformation that bring it to life. That’s why human-centred approaches like design thinking are so powerful.  Leaders have to inspire and set the stage, but it’s the people — at all levels — who transform an organisation and its products and services.” – Dr. CJ Meadows, Director, Innovation & Insights Centre, S P Jain Singapore

“Organizations need to take advantage of the emerging digital technologies to innovate, differentiate and grow.  Enterprises are least ready for this  in terms of senior management expertise in digital transformation practices and availability of professionals with digital transformation skills. There is opportunity for industry to partner with business schools and work together  to develop leaders and professionals to act as catalysts, speeding up digital transformation and disrupting traditional thinking and business models. ”- Dr Karippur Nanda Kumar, Associate Professor and Area Head  of IT, SP Jain School of Global Management.