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“Our executive team enjoyed the leadership off-site. We had fun and learned a lot about our conflict styles to help us better understand each other. The interactive exercises (e.g., tennis court blind-fold, lego) were insightful to draw out what is actually happening within the company and brought it to life. Adam and So-Young are highly knowledgeable on this topic and brought in their experiences from other clients which we found very helpful. We continue working with Awaken Group because we enjoy working with them.”

Wim Roels, CEO, Borouge

“What I enjoyed most is that Awaken Group ‘got it’ in terms of what I wanted to achieve and were able to deliver a program around that. Most importantly, the changes/shifts were quite practical in seeing the managers carry on since that meeting in a positive manner embracing the changes in the business.“

CEO, cultural transformation client

“The consultant [I worked with] is someone who is very disciplined and has a lot of experience. That Awaken Group (AG) has this kind of resource and provides this kind of service [leadership coaching] means AG has a competitive advantage. HR is an asset to the company. I really know the value of what AG provided to me and my company.”

CEO of $10B+ (USD) company, executive coaching client

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