So-Young Kang

Catalyst | Founder

Experienced advisor, speaker and transformation designer with 20 years of experience across US, Asia, Middle East & Europe

So-Young is Catalyst & Founder of multi-disciplinary Transformation Design (TD) firm Awaken Group that focuses on aligning people to strategy through taking organisations on a transformational journey to drive innovation and creativity. Pioneer of practice of Transformation Design (TD) globally. TD is the application of Design Thinking into larger purpose and values-driven transformations across companies, governments, and nations.

So-Young is an expert in experience design and one of the original Design Thinking facilitators since 2010. She has led multiple projects on values-based organisational design, customer experience design, service engagement strategy, process design, and space/messages globally for MNCs, SMEs and governments.

An expert in ‘human’ needs, organisational design, strategy and innovation, So-Young has served more than 30 clients (government, MNC, SME) in Singapore alone in the past 3 years requiring deep understanding of user needs and motivations to design innovative solutions and drive organisational change. She has ~20 years of experience advising business and government leaders globally for companies such as Microsoft, IMD, Seagate, Khazanah, SingTel and Housing Development Board.

In 2014, she was selected by the World Economic Forum to be a Young Global Leader. Previously, she was a Senior Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company and was formerly Assistant Vice President at Citigroup (one of youngest in her batch).

So-Young has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

Transformation Design to So-Young means intentionally living out your purpose and values in the way you lead, run and grow your company, industry and organization to make the world a more joyful and beautiful place. As Catalyst, So-Young loves to energize and motivate others toward being more whole, integrated humans in all areas of life—from personal life, to the companies and organizations they lead.

Connect with So-Young:
Twitter: @soykang