Moses Mohan

Alchemist | Consultant

Transformation Designer

Moses’ imperative is to marry his analytical ability, design thinking acumen, and collaborative leadership to drive change from the inside-out. He comes from a background in strategy, having worked with leading financial services to drive performance improvement at McKinsey & Company and having spent three years co-building Conjunct Consulting, South-East Asia’s pioneering pro-bono strategic consultancy. His work includes strategic planning, driving organisational transformation, and generating data-driven insights.

Moses is passionate about the interplay of strategy, design, and leadership; believing in an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. His experience cuts across all three disciplines in business, government, and civil society. Select experiences include developing a human-centered strategy for a new public sector agency, recommending performance improvement levers in digital banking for a major APAC bank, and running a design thinking workshop to tackle migrant worker issues in Singapore.

Moses holds a BSc Economics from Singapore Management University. He also holds an ever-growing of list of online certifications in design thinking and systems thinking, including five certifications in design thinking from IDEO U and

Transformation Design to Moses is facilitating authentic human connection to effect systems change from the inside-out. As Alchemist, Moses believes in the potential of all individuals, organisations, and societies to transform from “base metals” into “gold”.

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