Dave Gibbons

Zealot | Advisor

Globally-recognized speaker, social entrepreneur, leader and expert on third culture and social impact

Dave loves chaos! He is a proven innovation strategist, author, culture specialist and creative communicator. Dave shares dynamic insights on leadership development both in North America and throughout strategic cities globally. He speaks throughout North America and Asia. Recently he spoke at a global leadership summit where over 125,000 people listened to his work on third culture and how it relates to organizations. He just published a book on adaptive leadership across cultures and regularly consults executives, artists and the next generation of international leaders. He loves perplexities and innovatively working through conundrums.

He founded Yangdang, a donor engagement platform that connects causes with people and resources, is Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of Xealot, which connects resources (human, financial and knowledge) to leaders and serves on the World Vision US board.

Dave Gibbons is Zealot and Advisor of Awaken Group, a global leadership development consulting firm with expertise in aligning people to strategy to drive innovation and creativity by unleashing the maximum potential of organization. He has a passion to see organizations and leaders have a double bottom line: make a profit AND make a difference.

With a love for artists, athletes, business leaders and community development, Dave frequently consults with CEO’s and leaders from around the world. He speaks to thousands of people almost every week and is a sought after communicator on topics ranging from creativity, culture, and innovation to spirituality and compassion.

Dave Gibbons was born in Seoul and has lived in Bangkok and multiple cities throughout the United States. His bi-racial life and multi-ethnic background is part of his narrative that connects him to humanity. He recently wrote and published a book called “Monkey and the Fish” that addresses how organizations and religious institutions can affect great change if they learn how to adapt to the global shifts occurring constantly.

Given Dave’s passion for creating a double bottom line, he has launched and maintains an active role in several non-profit and for-profit organizations:

  • Misfits, LLC, a leading commodity trading company.
  • Xealot, a non-profit community development corporation with a mission to connect resources (human, knowledge, and financial) to key projects both in urban and rural settings around the world- the most successful being in Southeast Asia.
  • Newsong, a multi-site, innovative church, that has impact in Bangkok, India, London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and soon to be Beijing and Seoul. It is recognized as a leading edge organization because of the way they holistically address the needs of global communities.
  • YangDang, a donor enablement platform and content management portal. It’s a ground breaking technology that uniquely addresses the needs of organizations to be connected to global causes.

Dave loves chaos and exploring the world. He has four children and has been married for 25 years to his best friend. His kryptonite is food and especially desserts.