Anthony Howard

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CEO, entrepreneur, thought leader, philosopher & author

Anthony Howard is focused on building a more human world one leader at a time. As a mentor and coach, he helps leaders navigate complex, demanding environments so that they can perform and lead at their best. He is a CEO, entrepreneur, thought leader, philosopher, and author who has made a life out of asking good questions.

People call Anthony the ‘CEO Whisperer.’ He is a confidant to senior leaders in large publicly traded companies across four continents and almost every sector of industry.

In addition to his consulting practice, he spends 4-6 weeks each year capturing insights from people who shape and influence history and applying those insights with leaders at the strategic apex of organisations. During a 10-year global dialogue, he has spoken to more than 150 influencers from the business, academic, military, and social sectors. A constant theme is a concern about the quality of leadership for the 21st century. This was the impetus for his current book: Humanise. Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to the 21st Century

Anthony writes and speaks extensively on Human-Centred Leadership. He is a guest lecturer at The University of Notre Dame Australia, where he is also doing a PhD on leadership. He speaks on radio, conferences and boardrooms, writes for the popular press, and has been published in academic journals.

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