Glen Barber

Engager | Lead Partner (Singapore)

Transformation, Marketing, Innovation, and Human Capital Leader

Glen Barber is Lead Partner (Singapore) and Engager at Awaken Group. He has facilitated programmes of work across multi-national companies, government departments and consulting services. As a human capital professional, Glen utilises his knowledge and experience of marketing, innovation and organisation capability to assist clients in finding solutions to their biggest challenges. From developing world class safety solutions to the creation of customer service models, Glen has guided teams through the process of design, creation and embedding results. Glen is an energetic facilitator who brings accountability and focus to assignments through his ability to engage an audience while maximising learning opportunities.

Glen has designed and delivered a variety of value adding services for internal clients and in his prior consulting service roles. This includes transformation programmes focusing on change management and cultural behaviours; developing customer focus by aligning strategy and values; and delivering leadership programmes that focus on developing capabilities and competencies such as resilience, effective communication, diversity and inclusiveness, disciplined execution, unconscious bias, innovation and creative problem solving. Recently, Glen designed and delivered an employee engagement program that led to the realisation of over $30 million SGD in cost out/benefit.

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