Why Change Management May Not Always Work

April 2014, by Jason Chan, Consultant, Awaken Group

Many organisations have experienced mixed, sometimes disastrous, outcomes arising from poorly designed change management interventions. Why is this so? Why do some change management journeys fail while some succeed? How might we design and implement an effective change management journey for organisations?

We could begin by reframing the problem and asking the right questions.

Is change management about managing change for the organisation or about managing change within individuals who collectively make up the organisation?

Is change management about conceptualising and implementing proven strategies, processes, and protocols holistically; or is it about understanding the individual and aligning personal values to organisational values that are jointly envisioned?

At Awaken Group, we believe that implementing effective organisational change should go beyond people processes, strategies, and structures found in typical change management approaches. We believe that organisational change is about understanding individuals and values.

Instead of change management journeys, we encourage successful organisations to embark on “change values journeys.” A change value journey is an approach to drive effective organisational change on a fundamental level. It is focused on gaining a deep understanding and appreciation of the values of individuals, then aligning them with the larger organisational purpose and values. Focusing on values energises staff and leadership to make changes to work processes and structures with a clear purpose in mind and help support a culture of collective ownership and responsibility.

We hope you can discover transformative experiences as you embark on a change values journey.

How is your organisation driving change? How might a change values journey look like for your organisation? How can you help your organisation embark on a change values journey?