Values-driven Space Design

November 2015, by Awaken Group

When presented with the opportunity to design our new office in Singapore from the ground up, we thought about how our vision and core values could be translated into a design concept that goes beyond function—a place where imagination and creativity come alive, an integrated place where people feel at home, a place that is truly designed from the inside out.

We began the design process by dreaming of the kind of space we wanted and why (the purpose), and then uncovering the underlying needs of the people who now call this office space, also known as Net Singapore, home. (Net Singapore* is part of a broader, global net collective.) This process may sound familiar to some of our clients; we believe in walking the talk, and applied the same rigorous process of translating the intangible (vision, values) into the tangible (the new office).

Please check out the video above for our story about how vision and values can inform a physical space design.

*Net Singapore also has event venue space that is available for private functions (for up to 200 people) if you’re ever interested! Please contact Net Singapore directly for more information.