Special Announcement: AG Spins out a Tech Startup

April 2017, by So-Young Kang

Many of you may have been wondering why our email signatures have subtly changed to add this company called Gnowbe. You may have seen some cute gnomes popping up here and there. So let’s tell you the back story…

At Awaken Group, we have 4 divisions – Share, Advise, Serve and Build. Share is about ‘thought leadership’ and constantly researching, writing and speaking to deliver high quality insights and content with you and the world. Advise is our core business where we serve clients across the globe in the areas of transformation, leadership, strategy and human-centered design. Serve is our philanthropy arm where we donate our time and resources to support various non-profits. Our last division is ‘Build’ where we may incubate new ideas and spin them out, if viable.

Given our work in transformational learning through developing capabilities for thousands of people, we started to explore questions like:

  • How to scale the concepts and impact from the ‘top few’ to the ‘whole organization’?
  • How to sustain change within an organization?
  • How to encourage lifelong learning?
  • How to help people be more productive?
  • How to reach a billion people?

This led us to use our own methods in human-centered design and strategy to birth Gnowbe, a mobile-first learning and knowledge sharing platform. We essentially took our powerful face-to-face experiences and created a mobile version of it through enabling not just content sharing but reflection, group discussions and application of the content. Real impact only takes place when principles are applied.

After beta testing the concept of transformational learning on mobile, we were so excited to see it really shifting the behaviors and mindsets of our clients. So we decided to spin Gnowbe out as a separate company with offices in Singapore and San Francisco. It’s a full on tech startup that’s already starting to get some traction. Gnowbe also enables Awaken Group to add greater value through embedding a mobile learning experience to complement our work. We are excited about the future of digital learning and are experiencing the impact of digital disruption in our own industry. Gnowbe is one of our responses.

We believe in ‘walking the talk’ and doing what we advise our clients to do. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients holistically from the inside out using the latest technologies, methods and thinking.


We invite you to try Gnowbe out by downloading the app in the Apple Store or Google Play for sample programs. Contact hello@gnowbe.com for a live demo.