Turning up is not good enough. How would you prepare for the future of work now?

November 2015, by Awaken Group


The pressure is mounting.

Volkswagen has buckled. Apple is purportedly launching their own cars. Slack, a real-time messaging tool is disrupting the function of emails. Every industry and even business function are being disrupted. The term VUCA world is almost an understatement.

With a looming economic slowdown, rapidly increased technological automation, and artificial intelligence on the horizon, what does the future of work look like?

The solution?

Nobody knows. But what everyone knows is that business can’t continue as usual. Besides accepting that change is a constant, organisations are racing to innovate, becoming more agile and getting all on board.

This ‘all’ includes Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, who view, do, and expect work very differently. Increasingly, in our conversations and trend watching, we’ve observed that creating synergies between the Millennials and non-Millennials have been particularly tricky.

Much has been said about the generation gap, and much has been written about adapting to Millennials. However, little has been said about preparing Millennials, little has been written about companies who have successfully bridged this gap to create synergies for the future.

How would you write the future? Instead of answers, we will leave you with 3 questions.

  1. How might you combine the wisdom, experience, agility, technology-savviness, and insights from all generations?
  1. How do you not only adapt to the Millennials, but also prepare the Millennials to work with other generations?
  1. How would you lead, and not simply manage (i.e., do it your way), Millennials to bring out the best in them?