LeadX™: Empowering Leaders

September 2016, by Jason Chan

The need for great leadership and capability development approaches has reached a critical level. Leaders in evolving industries find themselves questioning whether they have the requisite skills, competencies, and values to lead their organizations and themselves in an uncertain and unpredictable environment.

We designed LeadX™, one of our Signature Programs, to empower leaders who want to maximize their potential and of those that they are leading. We believe that training dollars can be better invested in intentionally designed courses that provide the ‘why’ or principles, and engages adult learners with the right experience.

LeadX™ provides curated knowledge to further develop leadership skills and competencies, and goes beyond traditional leadership development programs to:

  • Create awareness about personal values, strengths, and passions
  • Align personal values with organization’s values through our inside-out approach
  • Shift mindset from ‘managing’ to ‘leading’ others
  • Develop clear action plans and personal commitments

LeadX™ recognizes that everyone has a potential to be a leader, and that leadership goes beyond a set of skills and competencies to a deeper understanding of your purpose and how it can be maximized to serve your staff and the organization.


Stop Wasting Valuable Training Money