Exploring the Future of L&D

February 2016, by Awaken Group

How can we go from, ‘Tell me what/how to do it,’ to ‘How do I find my own answers?’


Awaken Group and Gnowbe, our partner for transformational microlearning, co-sponsored our first AWAKENfutures event of the year on February 18, 2016 in Singapore with Learning & Development (L&D) experts & professionals to discuss emerging trends that impact all kinds of organizations and industries. It was a chance for L&D professionals to share and learn from other experts in different industries, and we had a rich discussion with various and diverse perspectives.


Questions explored ranged from: “Should we innovate or let the best in the world innovate?” to “How can we get people to be more open to change?,” to “At age 18, how can I have the experience of an 80-year-old?”

Some of the ideas discussed included:

  • There is no single expert in the world; we need a diversity of thoughts and ideas
  • Listen more, preach less
  • Experience the changes and accept failures
  • Learn from both children under age 7 AND from people over 70 because
    • Kids have no learning barriers or fear
    • Older people offer wisdom and life experiences

Invited guests from Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Center for Creative Leadership, and Executive Coaches attended.

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