AWAKENfutures: Education 2030

September 2015, by Awaken Group

We’ve been working with a few clients in the education industry for the past few years. The common question looming for our clients is how they might best prepare for the upcoming challenges in the education space for the future. They worry about the impacts of e-learning, technology, and changing student demographics. They wonder about how alternative forms of education and learning could disrupt their education institution. They feel unprepared for the challenges ahead.

To help answer these questions on the minds of education decision makers, we launched AWAKENfutures – our own perspective on industry futures to better design transformative experiences for our clients. Our first futures industry topic will be to explore the Future of Education 2030. How might we equip education decision makers today to better meet student needs in 2030?

We scanned the industry for over 150+ signals (one-off events happening today in the world) in education and beyond for signs of how the education space is shifting in the world. We clustered these signals together to identify themes/trends happening in education. We held interview conversations with homeschoolers, teachers, and educators on the fringes to holistically make sense of the signals we collected as well as the themes we identified.

We combined our learning together to consolidate our AWAKENfutures Education 2030 Key Shifts Map. We will be hosting an expert salon dialogue at our new office in Singapore on September 30, 2015 to speak with industry leaders on these shifts. Stay tuned for a recap of our Education Futures Singapore 2030 Salon Dialogue after the event!

Are you nervous about the uncertain future possibilities of your industry? Share with us your concerns and let’s start a conversation on how we can help you explore the future possibilities of your industry and how to prepare you for them.

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