Global Leadership Survey (GLS) 2010

November 2010, by So-Young Kang

By: So-Young Kang, Hanna Kim
Contributors: Adam Edgerly, Xiaofei Tang
Available in English PDF

The Awaken Group Global Leadership Survey (GLS) offers key insights from over 100 U.S. business leaders (CEOs, Presidents and Executives) surveyed from companies, ranging in size from USD$3 million to over USD$1 billion, in various industries in the wake of the recent global financial crisis. Business leaders reveal their most pressing current leadership challenges and priorities, current strategies for addressing those challenges, and perspectives on what is required to lead globally.

Survey results indicate that many companies are focused on traditional strategies for developing people within their organizations while a new set of priorities have emerged. New “critical to succeed” priorities include: 1) Enhancing the ability to adapt to change, 2) Hiring the right managers and leaders, and 3) Creating or reenergizing a culture of innovation and creativity. Given these new priorities, leaders recognize gaps between what is needed and their current initiatives. To address the most critical gaps, The Awaken Group proposes a new model of leadership. The full report explores what is essential for leaders to equip themselves and their organizations for increasing global success and expansion.

If you are interested in the Executive Summary only, it is also available separately and includes high level findings based on the key insights found in the full report.

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