Are You an Innovative Leader?

September 2015, by Hanna Kim
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Our annual Global Leadership and Innovation Survey (GLIS) report is now available (download free PDF here). It’s become even more increasingly clear this year that leadership and innovation go hand-in-hand.

“There is a huge link between innovation and leadership—they are
both required for each other.”
–CEO, education industry

We explore 5 key themes this year:
5 key themes

1) Do you have what it takes to be an innovative leader?

2) Are you willing to pay the price of innovation?

3) You can’t be ‘either / or’ about innovation

4) Does being first mean you’re innovative?

5) What does leading innovatively mean for your organization?

We know that the word “innovation” is everywhere these days and is loosely used to describe anything new, so we break down what that truly means in the context of global leadership—what this means for you and your organizations.

We talked with leaders who spoke openly about the challenges they face in finding the right partners for global growth (hard to build trust and requires large investment of time), why being first to market isn’t necessarily always a great thing, and why innovative ideas alone are insufficient.

Download the report in PDF here

Join the conversation about what matters about leading innovatively into the future, and share your thoughts with us: We would love to hear what you think.