Passion for Art + People

November 2011, by Hwa-Young Yoo, Director of Art Angel Company

Hwa-Young Yoo, Director of Art Angel Company, talks to Awaken Group about her art consulting company and why she partnered with us.

As part of Awaken Group’s Creative Collaborative, we get to partner with people from very different backgrounds and industries—all of which make for dynamic, exciting and, of course, fun partnerships. We choose to collaborate with people who share similar core beliefs with us. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our Creative Collaborative partners, Hwa-Young Yoo, Director of Art Angel Company.

Yet another unlikely partnership

I am based in Seoul, Korea and I’ve known So-Young (Kang) for 18 years; we have been friends, like sisters, and now, partners. I run an art consulting company called Art Angel. We plan art exhibitions, support young emerging artists, and also work on public art projects (e.g., public exhibitions). Our company is based in Seoul and we are expanding internationally.

Art, my lifelong passion

I have always wanted to be an artist. I found that a lot of art works look very sad, and I wanted to bring out the ‘hidden artist’ to the world so that people can see and experience more joyful feelings through art. I see that I can change the world through the art scene, and I believe that people have the potential to be creative.

Art Angel + Awaken Group = shared beliefs

1) Creativity: we want to bring out and unleash creativity in people

2) Passion: we have passion for people

3) People: we want to help people see their lives and the world with a different perspective

Consciously choose to live with passion and purpose, with an aim to change the world for the better. What are your passions?