La Sopa


In November 2014, Awaken Group hosted an event as a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in partnership with The Hub Singapore to promote and build community among entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Inspired from Los Angeles, California, we invited local innovators to share their ideas and raise some support to continue building their businesses. Over 40 people showed up on that day and enjoyed some warm soup together in Singapore.

We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and are proud to support local entrepreneurship in Singapore.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Singapore (November 17-23, 2014), we hosted an event called LA Sopa for the first time in Singapore (originally launched in Los Angeles) on November 18, 2014.

LA Sopa is a dinner event that funds small creative projects. People with creative projects share their ideas with the audience, who all vote for their favorite idea at the end of the night. The winning idea takes home the communal pot (made up of ticket sales).

Beyond just the prize money, everyone’s ideas are out there and anyone attending can offer to help or connect with the projects they resonate with.

The 3 ideas shared were:
Deborah Siddiqi
Providing accessible, communal LEGO sets and building a community to play, cooperate, and learn together

Cara Thomas
A travel game designed to build adventurous habits and connect you to new places, people and yourself

ABC Women – Reveal the Gem in You
Cheryl Chia
Starting an Authentic, Beautiful, and Courageous movement to inspire women in Asia to live out their possibilities by helping them uncover the GEMs within themselves

Each idea was unique and we enjoyed hearing the stories behind each. However, there was only one winner. This year Serenflipity won the crowd!

We’re excited to host more events in the future to encourage entreprenuership & innovation globally.