City of Iloilo, Philippines

Iloilo_DT workshop_04-25-13
Hanna Kim, So-Young Kang, Patrick Joseph, David Khoo

In April 2013, So-Young Kang, Patrick Joseph, David Khoo, and Hanna Kim went to Iloilo, Philippines for two days upon the invitation of Iloilo City’s Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog to train their top 70 government leaders as the city is on a journey of total transformation and has plans to become a premier city by 2015; plans include for Iloilo to become a centre for culture, arts, sports, and business.

The 1-day Design Thinking training went well because the group was very energetic, engaged, and open to learning. So-Young and Patrick did a great job of facilitating the workshop; they are dynamic speakers who know how to keep things fun and interesting. David also did a great job of facilitating exercises during the workshop.

So-Young facilitating the workshop

We walked away from the workshop inspired by the leaders who clearly love their city and care for the development of Iloilo as it becomes a tourist and business destination in the Philippines.

In our meeting with Mayor Jed the day after the workshop, he shared with us that he would like for Awaken Group to work with the city in partnership on their journey of transformation. At that time, Iloilo was in the midst of Mayor re-elections.

So-Young meeting Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog

We are thrilled that Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog was re-elected and his inauguration will take place on July 1, 2013. We look forward to working with Iloilo and Mayor Jed, and have full confidence that the city and its leaders will achieve their vision and dreams of becoming a premier city.